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Corporate Identity
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Medical Illustration


Expert Interviews
Art Direction
Voice overs


Project & process management
Slide design & production
Veeva, IQVIA & SalesRepKit
Sales Team Training & Education


Animated Infographics
Animated Presentations
Mechanism of Action


Campaign planning
Channel orchestration
Real-time Analytics
E-mail marketing

Web & App Development

Responsive Websites
Native Apps
APIs & Databases
Profile Driven Content
Accredited E-learning
Self-directed Detailing
Profile Enrichment
HTML Mail Templates
Online Ad Campaigns

3D Modeling

Medical Device Modeling
Anatomical Renders
Online 3D Product Viewers
3D Animation

Marc van Goudswaard
Over 25 years of experience in multichannel design for pharma & healthcare
Marc's disciplines include content, art direction, (multichannel) campaign creation, project management, user experience design and visual design.

Combined forces

After working as colleagues at a pharma and healthcare marketing agency for nearly 23 years, our shared ambition made us decide to start our own agency. We have extensive experience in professional marketing solutions and in the development of creative multi-channel campaigns. We combine agency life with profound industry knowledge to add value with innovative tools.

Creating a variety of pathways to interact with people with a shared interest in healthcare is what we like and do best. We are a next generation agency that makes delivering complex projects feel like a breeze!

Small is the new big.
We have an extensive network of experienced partners who we engage when needed.

Tonnie van Es
Over 20 years of experience in multichannel design for pharma & healthcare
Tonnie is an all round senior coder specialized in all facets of web and (native iOS) app development, GUIs and design.

We’re proud to have worked for…

…and more!

E-detailing Experts

From the start

Over a decade ago we created our first e-detail aid in SKURA. It was exciting to explore the new possibilities this digital channel had to offer. Over time we’ve perfected our workflow to offer an effective production process. Detailed planning steps, project management and MLR procedures are all part of our core business.


After developing for multiple platforms we used our experience to create our own detailing platform: SalesRepKit. It has evolved to an advanced tool, loaded with smart functional apps to assist a sales rep during their calls as best as possible. A lean and mean closed-loop marketing toolkit.


As soon as Veeva gained traction we started developing detail aids for the iRep app as well. We have obtained the Veeva CLM and Approved Email certifications and we have broad knowledge of all e-detailing aspects. Feel free to contact us and lets find out together how we can assist your sales team to get the most out of Veeva.

We have demo presentations available for both Veeva iRep and SalesRepKit which we would love to share with you.

Business Intelligence

To extend our services and deliver seamless integration with the data back-ends of our clients, we collaborate with our business partner MK² Software. They have 15 years of experience and are specialists in business intelligence, business applications, data warehousing and big data.

MK² Software has been working with pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare organizations for many years which is why they are familiar with all relevant laws and regulations and standards such as ISO13485. They know common systems such as Farminform Firom, IMS and Veeva and are familiar with terms such as Z-Index. They also know which complex operations and processes must run smoothly in the pharmaceutical market.

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Health Matters takes your privacy very seriously and will process and use the information we may collect about you in a secure matter. Please read our privacy statement if you want to know which data we collect, for what purposes and about your rights in regard to the processing of your personal data.

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We’re available during local office hours (9PM − 6PM UTC+1). You can always send us an e-mail. We promise it will be answered within one business day.

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